The People's Fund

The People’s Fund is a grant program that aims to advance Mercy For Animals’ work to create a just and sustainable food system, build people power to accelerate change, and achieve racial equity in funding across our movement.

We believe in a community-led, power-democratized, decision-transparent, and resource-collective grantmaking process.

Our Values


We strive for transparency to build trust and nurture reciprocal relationships with all program participants and donors.


We believe BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) advocates deserve equitable access to the resources needed to achieve impact for farmed animals, BIPOC communities, and the planet.


We are committed to active listening, challenging the status quo, and cultivating a collaborative growth practice among program participants, donors, and ourselves.

We acknowledge that systemic racism and colonization underlie the continued exclusion of and lack of support for BIPOC communities. We strive to ensure more equitable access to funding to challenge white supremacy and multidimensional1 oppressive constructs based on race, gender, sexuality, ability, class, immigration status, or any historically marginalized identity. We believe in reciprocity, not only in human relationships but in our ancestral connection to nonhuman animals and the land. We strive for transparency with program participants at every step of the process, from the application to funding. We are conscious of the problematic histories of capitalist philanthropy, and we are doing the work to radically fund projects through a mindset of solidarity, not charity.

—The People’s Fund Grant Committee


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1 In Racism as Zoological Witchcraft: A Guide to Getting Out, “Moving from Intersectionality to Multidimensional Liberation Theory,” Aph Ko writes: “Multidimensional social theory posits that white supremacy impacts many more than just racialized humans. Animals as well as the environment are a part of this project. There are multiple dimensions of the structure, suggesting that understanding and noticing that such dimensions exist are the first step to bringing down the structure. These activists understand that there are multiple dimensions they have to familiarize themselves with if they want to abolish white supremacy.”