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People have an ethical duty to treat animals in a humane manner. By doing this they help both themselves and the animals.

Laurel Mauldin, A Table in the Wilderness

We are a package deal. Suffering on this planet can end with a shift in mindset and awakening one’s compassion and empathy. We are to end ALL violence and suffering on our planet. That’s how we win.

Gwenna Hunter, Vegans of LA

Join our work to shift power in our sector.

We depend on your active participation to transform the culture of philanthropy and build a more just and equitable farmed animal protection movement.

Support Our Grantees

The People’s Fund aims to be a platform and an amplifier for our grantees, not a gatekeeper to funding. We understand, however, that for many funders supporting grantees through The People’s Fund can be a stepping stone to building relationships that lead to future direct funding.

Whenever possible, we encourage funders to donate to grantees directly rather than through our program. We welcome the opportunity to facilitate direct giving to our grantees, so please reach out to us if you would like an introduction.

Learn and Grow with Us

Want to learn more about our participatory process, our grant committee, or our successes and challenges? Looking for advice on shifting your own processes to uproot inequity, center grantees, and entrust decision-making power? We love to connect with fellow funders! Please reach out to our grant manager, Erin Kwiatkowski.