10 Million Black Vegan Women

The 10 Million Black Vegan Women Movement is a groundbreaking public health intervention that uses plant-based nutrition and community support to address a preventable health crisis among African American women.

A Table in the Wilderness

Since 2017, A Table in the Wilderness has served low-income communities in the Oklahoma City metro area through plant-based cooking demonstrations and food distribution.

Afro-Vegan Society

Afro-Vegan Society’s Dairy-Free Future campaign is designed to educate people from low-income Black communities about the health impacts of consuming dairy products, the cruelty built into the dairy industry, and the ease and affordability of eliminating dairy from our diets.

Akisha Townsend Eaton

Akisha is creating educational resources that identify recent trends in local zoning decisions to permit, restrict, or regulate animal agriculture operations; community response; and the impacts or likely impacts of such decisions on underresourced communities.

All Relations United

All Relations United works to uplift our veterans and communities and provide access to healthy food.

APEX Advocacy

APEX Advocacy works to build a community of BIPOC animal rights advocates by empowering their activism and providing professional and personal development.

Be Well with Brialle

Brialle facilitates a journey of self-discovery and holistic healing using yoga, chakra education, open discussion, and plant-based nutrition.

Beyond Humane Education

Beyond Humane Education seeks to deepen understanding, shift movement narratives, and direct social action toward justice and liberation for racialized peoples and animals through education.

Black VegFest

Black VegFest organizes to expand the Black-centered liberatory spaces that protect nonhuman animals.

Black Veg Society

Black Veg Society meets BIPOC communities where they are on their holistic health, plant-based diet, and vegan journeys.

Black Women Farmers of LA

Black Women Farmers of Los Angeles are serving South LA with their hands in the soil and their hearts in the community.

Chilis on Wheels and Vegan Activist Alliance

Chilis on Wheels makes veganism accessible to communities in need, through food relief to the unhoused, families, and individuals across NYC’s most impoverished neighborhoods.

The Cypher

The Cypher aims to “address gender equity, food justice, and environmental justice through a Trans and Queer lens.” This abundant, joyful space holds all QTBIPOC folks tight while centering the collective power of Black femmes.

Hip Hop is Green

Hip Hop is Green builds food systems that are equitable, healthy, and empowering by bringing the community together through good food and exploring global food culture.

Holistic Wellness and Health

Crystal launched The Holistic Plant-Based Agricultural and Cooking Program based in West Baltimore for young people to learn sustainable and compassionate agricultural practices and how they affect the earth and all of its creatures.

Iye Bako

Iye is a vegan educator and lifestyle influencer. She incorporates pop culture artifacts, such as anime vegan food recreations, to show that anything can be veganized and teaches that veganism is a total liberation practice.

Plant The Power

Plant The Power seeks to cultivate a caring plant-based community for Black folks and communities of color that demonstrates unconditional love for ourselves, nonhuman animals, and our world through the creation of social and educational gatherings, such as documentary film screenings, community meetups, cooking and gardening classes, and so much more.

Plant-Based Food Share

Plant Based Food Share is working to eliminate food insecurity and improve the health and well-being of the diverse and underserved communities impacted by hardships due to COVID-19, poverty, and dietary racism.

Rethink Your Food Inc.

Rethink Your Food implements culturally appropriate plant-focused diet- and menu-change initiatives in Caribbean communities to address the need for a more sustainable approach to nutrition security.

Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds offers educational and life-affirming tools, resources, and support in neighborhoods afflicted by food apartheid that establish food security, holistically repair ecosystems, and restore community well-being through food forest community gardens.


Olympia is opening South Central’s first full-service organic grocery and subsidizes healthy vegan meals for thousands of Angelenos.

Texas Eats Green

Texas Eats Green is a dual-mission initiative focused on promoting plant-based options in BIPOC communities and reducing animal suffering by encouraging sustainable culinary practices in Texas.

The Eden Project

The Eden Project partners with churches to rebuild and heal communities by growing food in low-income neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Unity Collective

Unity Collective aims to elevate the voices of BIPOC groups and individuals working toward a just food system.

Vegan Meals that Heal

Aisha offers consistent opportunities to underserved communities to have warm, free vegan meals through a mobile soup kitchen and weekly pop-ups.

Vegans of LA Food Bank

Gwenna Hunter is a vegan activist who champions the rights of humans and animals. She is the founder of Vegans of LA and the first vegan food bank in Los Angeles, which is also the first vegan food bank initiated by a Black woman in the country.

Veggie Mijas

Veggie Mijas is a community of women, trans folks, and gender-nonconforming people dedicated to advocating plant-based lifestyles and food justice in marginalized communities.

Yvette Baker

Yvette Baker is a writer, a social critic, and an animal liberation activist. She has devoted her work and activism to analyzing the intersections of human and beyond-human oppression through an Afro-Indigenous lens.